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My work these days is extremely varied with requests for cartoons coming in from all over the world. Most of these have been from the US, followed by Europe, Canada and New Zealand. However, I’m starting to get requests for cartoons from the developing countries in Africa where disability equality is slowly starting to make an appearance on their political agendas.

A high percentage of my work there is provided free of charge, for the most part funded by any work I undertake with those organisations in the US, the UK and Europe who do have funding to pay me for it. It’s good to think that this funding is also benefiting disabled people in the developing world and that I’m able to provide them with cartoons that challenge the stereotyping of disability in their own regions.

Here’s one I recently supplied to an organisation working with fledgling groups of disabled people in Tanzania. It’s a very simple cartoon and similar to the sort of image I was producing for the UK’s Disabled People’s Movement some 20 years ago … but hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere!

I’ll keep you posted of any new work I get within this area.

Tanzania Rights group

Left click on this cartoon for a text description for those people using ‘text to voice’ software