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Independent Living

Many of you will have seen my work based around the continuing fight in the UK to keep the Independent Living Fund going. As you’ll be aware, this government have announced that they’ll be ending the fund early next year (2015) and directing disabled people who require this additional assistance to their Local Authorities. The fact that Local Authorities have also had major cuts imposed upon them doesn’t bode well for disabled people!

There’s also a lot of organisations within the private sector who are looking to make a lot of money out of these cuts to services …

To keep up to date with this struggle, you can visit the web site of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) at the following link –

Independent Living Update (DPAC)


European Movement

As well as being involved in the UK campaign, I’ve also been working with the pan European organisation called the European Coalition for Community Living (part of the European Network on Independent Living). They asked me to create some cartoons based around the many myths surrounding independent living.

There’s some examples of these in the attached Gallery …

Left click on these cartoons for a text description for those people using ‘text to voice’ software


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Private Profits – An Independent Living Fund cartoon