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There are so many cartoons that I’ve created during the several years that the current UK government have been in power, all of them focused upon their heartless rape of the welfare system and their complete disregard of disabled people and our rights.

The main culprit is seen as Ian Duncan Smith (IDS) and many of my political cartoons portray him as a heartless and uncaring man and also the main culprit behind the draconian measures being imposed.

He’s also been hand in glove with ATOS, the French company who were given the contract to assess disabled people for benefits. Following a nationwide protest by disabled people who highlighted the vast amounts of money wasted by the government by employing this company, ATOS have now withdrawn from the arena with their head hung low. I like to think that my cartoons helped the process …

However, regarding IDS, the old saying ‘people in glass houses …’ really applies to this man as skeletons regards his past are slowly emerging from his cupboard, as my lead cartoon for this post shows.

The attached Gallery features a few more of these cartoons …

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Iain Duncan Smith, IDS, skeletons in cupboard

Iain Duncan Smith’s skeletons

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