Current Work

  • Fly on the wall

    I’m often commissioned to attend conferences and management team building events in the role of agent provocateur. Using my cartooning skills I’m invited by the organisors and participants to sit in the background and observe all those issues that aren’t really being addressed, you know, […]

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  • Social Justice? Some Like it Not!

    Apart from this new publication being an excellent read for those of us interested in Equality and Diversity (especially regarding disability equality)  it also contains several of my cartoons! Believe me, this is NOT another boring text book … The author has taken a relaxed, […]

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  • The Social Model understanding of disability

    A few years ago, as part of the Disability History Month, I was asked to create a cartoon that explained the Social Model understanding of disability. I decided to do this by creating a couple of strip cartoons and here’s one of them for you. […]

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