Welcome to the world of Crippen

Welcome to the World of Crippen, Disabled Cartoonist

  • Love him or hate him, there is no middle ground!
    Tony Blair
  • Now acknowledged as the UK's leading Disabled cartoonist
    Disability Arts Magazine
  • Never heard of him!
    Eddie Freeman, Cartoonist
  • The only cartoonist to provide text descriptions of his cartoons for his Blind and visually impaired fans
    Trades Union Disability Alliance
  • Welcome to the crazy world of Crippen - Enter Here
  • He takes no prisoners when confronting the hypocrisy that often permeates the world of disability ...
    Kit Wells, NUJ Disabled Members Council
  • All of his work is based upon the Social Model understanding of disability
    Jeni Price, Disability and Equality Consultant
  • I knew he'd end up a trouble maker!
    Mr. Webster. Crippen's Infants Teacher
  • Produces a weekly blog that is second to none
    Colin Hambrook, Disability Arts Online (DAO)